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Packed Periodic Table 2.1free

Date: 5/15/2004
Download (94 KB)(Compatibility:Pocket PC 2003)

A periodic table of the elements PocketPC 2003 systems. Older systems(Pocket PC 2000 & Pocket PC 2002) should use the 2.0 version listed below.

Updates in this version include:

  • Fix the corelation between table view and list view.
  • Add buttons on the toolbar.
  • Minor change in graphics.
  • User can choose BMP file as the background.

Packed Periodic Table 2.0.1

Download (90.5 KB)(Compatibility:Pocket PC 2003)
Download (91 KB)(Compatibility:Pocket PC 2000 or higher)
Link on:

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A rebuilt of PPT for PocketPC 2003 systems. Older systems(Pocket PC 2000 & Pocket PC 2002) should use the 2.0 version listed below.

Updates include:

  • Supports cleartype.(only available for 2003)
  • New color scheme.
This version was not tested on monochrome system.For better visibility on monochrome systems, 2.0 version is recommended.

Packed Periodic Table 2.0

Download (103 KB)

Compatibility:Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003
This is a periodic table of the elements for Pocket PC. This is the 2.0 version of the software.

Compared to 1.0 version, new features include:
  • Color interface (1.0 was gray-scale)
  • List view of elements: Elements can be sorted according to different properties by tapping the top of the column.So you can sort elements alphabetically, find element with highest melting point, etc.
The program always starts in the table view, but you can switch it to list view using the menu. In the table view, tap the element in the table you will see the basic information of the element appear in the box below. Tap in the box or the big symbol of the element on the top will bring up another dialog with the complete information of that element.In list view, you can sort the elements by tapping the heads of the columns.

Download version 1.0 (84KB)

iStopWatch 1.1

Download (19.5 KB)

Compatibility:Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003
Link on:

A stopwatch / timer.Easy operation just by using ipaq's "Gamepad" (navigation button):
UP--Increase value in setup
DOWN--Decrease value in setup
CENTER--Start/Stop timer.

This program use sound of "Infrared End" for reminder of timer.

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