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About the owner
The owner of this website and the author of listed softwares is Haibiao Chen.

The goal
CE-BABY is targeting on Pocket PC softwares with unique features and portability. New idea is the most important source for uniqueness. Visitor like you are encouraged to leave your needs and requests in our guestbook. As for portability, independence, speed and size of the software are the major considerations during software development.

The history

  • 07/2001, bought 1st Pocket PC: iPAQ 3100.
  • 08/07/2001, started developing Packed Periodic Table V1.0.
  • 08/11/2001, started developing iStopwatch V1.0.
  • 08/20/2001, created the first webpage for these two softwares with my personal web space on
  • 09/09/2001, latest built of Packed Periodic Table V1.0 executable.
  • 09/24/2001, Milestone: reviewed and accepted both Packed Peariodic Table and iStopwatch.
  • 11/25/2001, started developing Packed Periodic Table V2.0.
  • 02/18/2002, started developing iStopwatch V1.1.
  • 03/06/2002, latest built of iStopwatch V1.1 executable.
  • 04/28/2002, latest built of Packed Periodic Table V2.0 executable.
  • 08/2002, lost iPAQ 3100 in Guangzhou City Subway, China.
  • 07/11/2003, bought 2nd Pocket PC: iPAQ h2210.
  • 01/06/2004, Milestone: created the current website with as domain name.
  • 02/14/2004, developed and built Packed Periodic Table V2.0.1.
  • 03/16/2004, listed Packed Periodic Table V2.0.1 on
  • 03/24/2004, listed Packed Periodic Table V2.0.1 on

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